Buckley Prichard International offers three core services:  

  • Executive Search and Selection (retained or exclusive)
  • Contingent Search (success related)
  • Research (market mapping, salary benchmarking)

Our Methodology:

For Executive Search and Selection (retained or exclusive):

Meeting the client – We will organise an initial meeting with the client to develop a thorough understanding of the role and the person required. During this meeting we aim to ascertain the following information:

  • Client culture and make-up of the organisation, and strategies
  • The purpose of the appointment
  • Candidates requirements in terms of experience, skills and personality etc
  • Salary and benefits package for the role
  • Our recommendations and timings and costs

Job specification – working with the individual leading the assignment we will advise on and develop a job specification which will summarise the above information for use by the client and candidate alike during the recruitment process.

Research Process – we will agree a target list for research purposes and undertake research of potential candidates from agreed companies. Each vacancy is treated as a new assignment. We undertake fresh research for each search to ensure the strongest candidates are identified.

Advertising – where advertising is advised we will draft the advert and manage applications.

Identifying candidates – once suitable candidates have been identified from the research we will approach and interview to assess the candidates for suitability and interest in a specific role.

Shortlist – we can provide a shortlist of candidates at the end of the interview process, but we often find it is more time efficient to present relevant candidates as soon as they have been identified and interviewed to save time and reduce the chance of losing them in this competitive market place.

Candidate Management – we will build and maintain relationships with candidates, negotiate salary and benefits packages, and manage the candidates’ expectations throughout the recruitment process specifically around offers, counter offers and rejections and maintain a sense of goodwill between parties.

Market feedback – we will provide feedback to clients on the recruitment experience of candidates to ensure clients maintain an efficient and well managed recruitment process.

For Contingent Search:

This ‘success related’ service is delivered via a comprehensive network of contacts and our sector knowledge.

Our growing database of 15000 plus quality contacts allows us to access real estate professionals in any corner of the globe at the touch of a button.

For Research

Very few can match our industry knowledge.

BPI can also undertake research assignments on behalf of clients. These assignments include salary surveys which dig as deep into a market as is possible without actually seeing a pay slip, appraisal of a competing market, or general Search research.